Nick Sick

In a surprise turn of events at the weekend Nick Rhead (29) was sick at the Stag Party of fellow Lichfieldian Dave Hobday. Dave Hobday was said to be ecstatic. Photographic evidence and eyewitness reports suggest that the incident occurred in a `no fly tipping` area. A council spokesperson said they were looking into the allegations, and if any wrong-doing was discovered then charges would be pressed. A £1000 fine is thought to be likely if the case is pursued. When interviewed during the incident Nick only responded with a low groan, and then threatened a photographer. Later in the day Mr Rhead repeated his earlier escapades after being hoist up a tree with a rope and then dropped. Whilst swinging, a nearby attendant gave him a gentle nudge to start him spinning, an act much appreciated by Nick who responded with `Oh great, thanks'. Also during the Stag Eliot Grigg got stuck in a tree and had to be rescued with a ladder. Dave Hobday was said to be ecstatic.

  • Nick sick
    Nick being sick Dave Cox/The Lichfield Times

Iron theft on the increase

An iron has gone missing from the house of Edd Hobday. Amateur footage shows a man holding the missing iron, and police have issued a request for any leads.

A police spokeswoman says due to the nature of the crime they are focusing their investigation on impeccably dressed individuals with well pressed clothes and is appealing for any information that may lead to an arrest.

  • Iron thief spotted
    The iron thief caught on camera R Davis

Stag drinks laced with Tabasco

At an incident at Miller & Carters a number of drinks were spiked with Tabasco sauce. Despite Edd's best effort Dave Hobday spotted the lacing attempt and did not drink it.

In an unrelated incident the food order for Mr Rhead was mixed up and the hapless hurler had to wait a considerable time for his food to arrive. Dave Hobday was said to be ecstatic.


Oh, it's not my depart- ment

Jasper Carrott


Uuuuggggh- hhhhhhhh- hhhhhhhhh

Nick Rhead

Serious Face

Serious Face

Latest episode of hit drama Serious Face is panned by critics. Blame pinned on lack of humour.

Latest Hen Night Fashion

Hen night

Vicki Brereton models the latest fashions for hen parties

Death By Chocolate Muffin

Serves 8


  • 250g Dairy Milk chocolate
  • 200g Galaxy chocolate
  • 200g milk cooking chocolate
  • 50g cocoa powder
  • 250ml full fat milk
  • 100g butter
  • 1kg assorted chocolate for chipping

Melt the chocolate in a pan, along with the butter and milk.

Mix in the remaining ingredients.

Dish up into cupcake holders and cook at 200C for 20 mins.

Chocolate Muffins

Serve with beer, and sit back and enjoy National Treasure

Wii bowling and golf

Collingwood and Stacey

Mr Collingwood and Mr Stacey prepare to do battle in Wii bowling

Round-up of results from the day's clay pigeon shooting

Clear winner in the individual competition, but a breathtaking finish to the pairs event with just a single point seperating the top 3 pairs.

50% drop out in trapeze

Half the field who had entered for the trapeze on Sunday failed to complete the event, leaving 4 contestents sharing the gold.

Poltergiest Blues

Nick Rhead, the chunky chunder chumpion, had a narrow brush with an evil spirit whilst visiting the bathroom of Edd Hobday's house. He complained of the lights flashing off and on, and of locked doors opening on their own accord.

Tabasco Revenge

Karma prevailed, Tabasco style, as Keith Hobday, father of the Stag and the best man, successfully poured a considerable quantity of the hot and spicy condiment into Edd's glass of water, from which later in the meal he proceeded to take 2 large gulps before noticing anything was amiss.

Mop Attack

Dave Hobday was viciously attacked with a mop over his stag weekend. Eyewitness reports claim he was lured into a bathroom wherein a mop was plunged into his face.

Mop attack