Dave and Vicki Marry

After years of planning Dave Hobday and Vicki Brereton married today at Rowton Castle, Shropshire. The much loved couple tied the knot, and then walked back down the aisle to the sound of Disney.

As well as the large number of guests invited to attend the ceremony scores of well wishers descended on Rowton hoping to catch a glimpse of the happy couple. Against all odds the forecasted rain held off until all guests were inside for the wedding breakfast. Asked whether God himself had leant a hand in the change of weather, David Hobday replied "Yes, yes I did".

  • Dave Hobday and Vicki Brereton Marry
    Dave and Vicki D Cox for The Lichfield Times

Bride loses foot on wedding day

In a bizzare incident Vicki Hobday nee Brereton lost one of her feet on her wedding day. It is unknown exactly when the incident took place, but Vicki was found in a state of shock in the early hours of the following morning, with only foot.

Despite long searchs by the wedding guests and staff at Rowton Castle, the missing appendage was not located.

  • Dave Hobday and Vicki Brereton Marry
    The paparazzi were out in force Cox

Groom abducted by aliens

On the day of his wedding Dave Hobday was abducted by beings unknown and replaced by an alien. Under the impression that the groom held world domination, the beings abducted Mr Hobday whilst he showered before his wedding.

The alien Hobday was later seen dancing with the bride at the wedding, who claimed not to have noticed.


I will

David Hobday


I will

Vicki Brereton

Best man's hat

The best man practiced wearing his hat that would form a pivotal part of his speech.

Illuminating headwear

Dave Cox really lit up the event with his latest designer headwear, a hat supporting 8 lights.

Top hat

Purple was the colour, and David Stacey complied with the dress code to the letter as seen sporting his hat for the special occasion.


The groom's extravagant headwear failed to impress, and so unfortunately wasn't seen on the big day.

The Bolt Collection

Bolt Collection

The Bolt collection of fine Victorian portrait photography is currently at Rowton Castle as part of its UK tour.

Serious (Disappointment) Face

This summer's special edition of Serious Face has been called a 'serious disappointment' when only one cast member manages a serious face.

Award winning best man speech

Edd Hobday's critically acclaimed best man speech wins award for longest speech of the day.

Groom invites guests

David Hobday greeting guests

David Hobday greets wedding guests in Greek, Latin, and Egyptian heiroglyphics

Best Man's best advice

Best Man Edd Hobday offers his advice to the groom on his wedding day and demonstrates the power of his 'Wife Enforcer'.

Dave finds true love

On his wedding day Dave Hobday finds true love, The Lichfield Times provides exclusive photos of him and his new found love.

Triple Layer Wedding Cake

Serves 200


  • 1 chocolate orange sponge cake
  • 1 lemon drizzle cake
  • 1 fruit cake
  • Apricot glaze (not jam)
  • Marzipan
  • Icing
  • Assorted hearts for decoration

Make vows, cut cake, and attempt the core challenge.

Triple Layer Wedding Cake