Happy 30th Dave

Renowned Lichfield citizen David Hobday turns 30 today.

David Hobday, world renowned artist, author, film producer and leader of the Vote Dave political party bent on world domination, as well as honoured Lichfield citizen, turns 30 today.

Numerous celebrations have been planned for his home town of Lichfield to mark this special occasion, with parties expected to last well into the night. The main celebration kicks off at 11am with a parade through the streets of Lichfield starting from Chapel Lane. Comprised of a dozen marching bands, including many of Dave's favourites such as bands from the Ghurkas, Salvation Army, Hitler Youth and Air Cadets, attendance is expected to be high as Lichfield citizens bask in his reflected glory.

The day has been declared a city wide holiday, an example that many other cities are expected to follow. Dave Hobday has been invited as guest of honour for the parade and for the lavish banquet that is planned for the evening.

With his plans for world domination so near completion it is hoped that Mr Hobday will still take time out to attend the festivities and share his presence with his adoring fans.

  • David Hobday
    Dave Hobday prepares to celebrate 30 years Self Portrait


Happy birthday to you



It takes a long time to grow young

Oscar Wilde


Dave Stacey at 2012-03-12 19:21:34

P.s. Is there a 30th birthday cravat going on show?

Dave Stacey at 2012-03-12 19:20:48

I can say that I am by sorry to have missed out on the Lichfield celebrations, and I have been waiting for well over a year for a glimpse of our illustrious leader. Better luck next year i suppose.

The Lichfield Times at 2012-03-12 09:22:16

Many happy returns from all at The Lichfield Times. Have a great day!

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