Olympic flag mix-up

Outrage as wrong national flag shown

As the Olympic games got underway in London on Friday night there was outrage when the wrong flag was displayed. The opening ceremony kicked off at 20:12 with a fly over by the Royal Air Force display team the Red Arrows. With coloured smoke trailling from the aircraft the result should have been a deeply patriot Union Jack emblazoned across the sky. Millions of British viewers were left distraught however when the elite flying squad etched out the French flag by mistake.

  • Flags flying for the Olympics
    The French tricolour prominently on display at the Olympics

"I was horrified," said one spectator at the ceremony, "I paid a lot of money to come here and be proud to be British, and we get the French flag flown. Did no-one tell the Air Force that it was London that won the games 7 years ago, not Paris?"

To compound matters when the proceedings got underway the announcements where in French, and many Cockneys were reportedly spotted wandering around aimlessly, under the impression they had ended up in France and not the Olympic Village.

As the evening wore on, and with no explanation or apology forthcoming, most spectators felt let down and annoyed. But then, with the appearance of Rowan Atkinson, sudden realisation hit. This was no mistake or French invasion, rather it was Danny Boyle's much anticipated and until now secret opening ceremony

extravaganza - Johnny English 3. Following an alternative history of the original Johnny English film whereby French meanie Pascal Savage takes the British crown, this sequel follows secret agent English as he interupts the Olympic Games to free old Blighty and reinstate the Queen.

And Johnny accomplishes this in breathtaking fashion. This time thankfully leaving the parachute jump to fellow agent James Bond, the ousted Queen parachutes in with Bond to reclaim the throne. A truly deeply stirring sight - God save the Queen!


God save the Queen


Be not afeard: the Isle is full of noises

The Tempest


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